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We Are Cash Buyers-Realtors and Wholesalers In The Greater Houston Area
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Up to 2X Commission

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We Buy As Is! No Repairs!

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We Can Close In 7 Days

The Science Behind Deal Analysis in Real Estate Flipping in Texas

Escape Analysis Paralysis

If you are an investor, realtor or wholesaler you know how important it is to establish rapport with your prospective seller. At the same time it is better to have the pricing conversation while you are still with them. How do you balance knowing a price you can count on and not pulling out a laptop to crunch numbers in front of your seller? We are giving you a free tool we built and a step by step guide to show you how we built the tool. This mobile friendly deal analyzer can help you crunch numbers so you can focus on your relationship.

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“Working with J&A Home Buyers was surprisingly easy. They didn’t use an inspector to negotiate or haggle and they closed in a week from the offer!”

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We Want To Work With You!

Are You a Realtor?

We are also realtors with eXp Realty
  • You Keep BOTH sides of the commission! We are realtors but we don’t charge you buyer’s agent Commission in our offer.
  • We buy houses in as-is condition! No repairs requested!
  • We don’t use Inspectors to haggle with you
  • No Finance Contingency in our offer
  • We are Cash Buyers
  • Experienced Realtors make closing the easiest money you have made.
  • Flexible Terms: Need a Lease back or some special terms? We Got You!!!

Are You A Wholesaler?

Picture of Jonathan and Aaron owners of J&A Home Buyers
  • We know how hard it is to find a good deal and have no problem paying you six figures if the deal meets our criteria.
  • We don’t need to know how much you are making on a deal
  • We are Cash Buyers
  • Need a quick close? We got you!
  • We love ugly houses!

How We Buy Houses

Selling a house to an investor is a little different than selling a house to a retail buyer. Unlike retail buyers, we drop the finance contingency and we don’t use inspection reports to weaponize negotiations. J&A Home Buyers is a cash buyer in Katy, TX and we buy houses all around the greater Houston area and out west of Katy, TX too. Selling a house to J&A is even easier than selling your car to a dealership! We will want to visit the property but if we know the neighborhood we may even write you an offer sight unseen and get that property under contract! We pride ourselves in making the transaction super simple for the real estate professional we are working with and the seller. The real estate world is a small world and we know that building relationships in this space and holding your integrity is what keeps us in business.

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